Keep Up With HRFC News On Your Smartphone Or Tablet!

To ensure that all members have the latest club news at their fingertips, Hills Rangers have elected to be a part of the Swans District Android and iPhone app!

It is free to install and provides quick access to a load of information, including the club website, facebook page, event calendar, club contacts, team fixtures (including directions to the venues), district news and latest club announcements (including SMS-style push notifications, direct to your phone/tablet).

Simply go to the App Store on IOS (Apple) devices, or the Play Store for those using Android; and install the “Swans District” application. Once installed, open the app and click on ‘Configure’, then click ‘Configure Announcements’. Select ‘Hills Rangers’ and you will see a tick appear on the right, indicating that you have elected to receive messages from the club. You can select other notification categories as well, if desired.

Select Back until you come to the Swans District home page. Select ‘Clubs’, and ‘Hills Rangers’.

This app is a key part of our communication strategy which we’re will prove an invaluable resource for all members as the season gets underway.