Registrations for 2020 are now open.

All participants will be required to register via the Fox Sports online registration system. There are no paper registrations forms. 

Fees for 2020

NOTE: only new players will receive a polo, shorts and socks as part of their fees. 


  • Yr 3/6 – $120
  • Yr 7/8 – $170
  • Yr 9/12 – $200


  • Yr 7/12 – new players – $220
  • Yr 7/12 – existing – $200

Player Transfer

If you are transferring from another club, you will need to complete the Swan Districts player clearance form (even those coming up from junior clubs).  The transfer window opens on Feb 1st 2020. 

For more information or if you have any queries, please email Ash via

Team numbers

The following table has been developed, and is the approach we will take for this season and beyond. This decision was made by the Executive Committee based on historical playing numbers, player retention, equality and the promotion of playing football.

Note this is the recommended approach, and will be assessed by the Executive Committee on a case by case basis if/when required.

Boys teams

Age group Players allowed per game Recommended max squad size
Yr 7, 8 and 9 20 (15 playing, 5 on the bench) 23
Yr 10 and yr 11/12 25 (18 playing, 7 on the bench) 27

A similar table will be developed for the girls teams in due course.

Our priority is to place all registered players into teams. Players from last season have priority placement into sides, then new players are allocated where places exist.

All registrations are welcome, as we are very happy to create as many teams as required to ensue all registered players are placed into a team. We can also create mixed age teams if we have to, ie, yr 8/9 boys.

If it becomes clear that we can’t place some players, then we will advise these players early to ensure they can find other clubs if they want to. We did this successfully last season with our yr 10, 11 and 12 boys when it became clear we wouldn’t be able to field sides for them.