2014 AFL Rules

The AFL is delighted again in season 2014 to be able to provide the 2014 Laws of Australian Football video. By being able to view exactly the same material as what the AFL Players, Coaches and Umpire view, you will know first-hand how the umpires are expected to enforce and interpret the laws of Australian Football. These videos will take you through all the key rules and interpretations of Australian Football, which we have no doubt will provide you with a greater understanding of our game. Australian Football has changed in so many ways over the last decade or so which has required some modifications to the laws and interpretations to ensure our game continues to be:

  • Safe for all participants
  • A game that can be played by people of varying shapes and sizes
  • Exciting and thrilling to play and watch
  • Played in a spirit of true sportsmanship

These videos will provide you with an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of how our game is to be officiated. Please click on the following link to access the 2014 Laws of Australian Football video.



Final Uniform Design

UniformWe are proud to unveil the final design of the playing uniform for our inaugural year. As can be seen pictured left (click for a larger view), the uniform consists of an orange and charcoal jersey, with prominent white R. Shorts are black with charcoal side panel and orange RANGERS lettering. Socks are plain orange. In addition to on-field uniform, we also have designs for polo shirts and jackets, which will be added to the website shortly!


Let’s Make Some Teams!

Adventure Team BuildersOne of the challenges that we face at the Hills Rangers is to bring together groups of kids who’ve traditionally played against each other, in rival colours, into one new club. While many of them will be friends from school and from other social circles, we take our responsibility to build a real team spirit seriously. As such, Hills Rangers have enlisted the support of Adventure Team Builders to help get things off to a good start. While full details will follow shortly, please keep Saturday 15th March (from 9:00am) free for this event, to be held at Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow.