Rangers update – Rounds 1-8

Hi Rangers. Below is an update of our teams leading into the long weekend. Thanks again to everyone for your support.

For those with a bye this weekend, parents…enjoy the week off…

Results so far

  • Year 7  – 7 games (6 wins, 1 loss) – 3rd on ladder
  • Year 8 Whites – 7 games (1 win, 6 losses) – 11th on ladder
  • Year 8 Orange – 7 games (3 wins, 4 losses) – 5th on ladder
  • Year 9 – 8 games (7 wins, 1 loss) – 1st on ladder
  • Year 10 – 7 games (5 wins, 2 loss) – 3rd on ladder

There’s still a long way to go in the season, so boys keep enjoying your footy and doing your best.





Pink Round

Mothers’ Day – PINK ROUND

This week is ‘Pink Round’ and we’d love your support for the Breast Cancer Research Centre. As your President I’m planning to come to as many Hills Rangers games as possible, wearing all pink hair and pink beard and collecting donations along with my son James. Please give generously. You could also help out by making some baked goods (easy to cut cakes, slices, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits) to sell at a cake stall at the home games. Speak to your team manager for more information.

I lost my little sis to breast cancer last year and have been wondering how to honour her memory, this is a little something that I can do and might even be a tear or two.

Tim Sullivan, President