Merchandise Update..

Hi all, we have hoodies and puffer jackets for sale.  

Hoodies are $78 and have a 4 week turnaround. 

Puffer Jackets are $89 and have a 2 week turnaround.  

An order form for the hoodies is attached, we don’t have an order form for the puffer jackets. 

Payment can be made into the clubs bank account. 

  • Hills Rangers Football Club
  • BSB: 633 000
  • Account #: 151 181 856
  • Reference: Surname/Yr/Hoodie or Puffer

If you are interested, please pay then email a copy of the payment receipt and your order details to our awesome merch coordinator, Hayley, via

We are submitting our next order on 22 June, so if you are keen, please pay and email Hayley in the next week. 

Merchandise including polo’s, jackets, shorts, socks, caps and beanies are available for purchase through your team manager.